1st of sepember resolutions and challenges

And I’m already one week over time for posting about them.  It’s been crazy last days: the teenager started at a new school, things breaking down, computer troubles, friends having troubles, friends having birthdays, friends having parties, friends coming back from holidays, ….  And now I’m feeling guilty with my blogging friends, I haven’t read any blog the last week and didn’t post anything.

But here we are again, and these are my resolutions and challenges at the start of this new schoolyear(between them you find pictures of some food I prepared the last day, nothing special):

– Teenager is missing some food she really likes.  Challenge: make a vegan version of them.

– Teenager is missing typical teenagers-food.  Challenge: prepare vegan versions often and a while, like this one:


– Don’t use the same vegan cookbooks over and over again.  In this world exists millions and millions of other recipes.  Challenge: veganize other recipes.

Tofu-balls (La dolce vegan)

– Buy less prepared food, more DIY.  Challenge: bake more cookies, cakes, … ; prepare more desserts, spreads, …

– Don’t stick with the same food.  Challenge: try some other vegetables, flavours, fruit, …

Asian-style food plus leftover lentil-and-rice

– Don’t give up the vegan-blogging.  Challenge: post at least twice a week with one new creation.



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