Panisses with stuffed tomato & zucchini

The other day I was going through some cookbooks, because I wanted to make a tomato-quiche.  And somehowe, I ended making this:

Panisses with stuffed tomato & zucchini
Panisses with stuffed tomato & zucchini


The ‘Panisses’ recipe is really great.  I took it from a dutch vegetarian cookbook called ‘Mijn keuken van de zon’ from Virginie Besançon.  It’s kinda a fancy one with more pictures than recipes.  Still, a beautiful book with some good recipes in it.  I don’t know if I can give the recipe here.  Copyright?  But it has something to do with chickpea-flour, vegetable broth, cooking, fridge and baking in a pan.

The idea for the stuffed tomato (and zucchini, because I had more stuffing than tomatoes, and found a zucchini in the fridge) comes from ‘Vegetarisch genieten’. Another dutch one.  And again I can’t give the recipe. But for this one I made my own version because the originial recipe asks for things like: breadcrumbs, black olives, 1 garlic clove, capers, provencal herbs and a cheese like gruyere.  Of course I didn’t use the last one but replaced it with ‘Almesan‘ from Veganomicon.


  1. Looks really great. You have to come to the shops with me in brussels – and help me out with my dutch!!! There are so many things I must be missing because my knowledge of dutch is next to ZERO.

    Yummmy. I am going to try out a parisses for sure.

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