Some food we had last week

I still had to share a few dishes I prepared this week.

3-some dish by you.

Chickpea-cutlets, green beans with some leftover from the tofu-ricotta & cashew-pimiento-‘cheese’-sauce, coucous with raisins topped with (again) cashew-pimiento-‘cheese’-sauce

Kinda hot-sauce grilled tempeh by you.

‘Kinda’ hot-sauce grilled tempeh, baked potatoes and some sauted vegetables.

The reason why it’s called a ‘kinda’ is this: you should always read your recipes in advance.  So when a recipe suddenly calls for a half a cup of hot sauce, you’ll not being puzzled anymore by this very important and dish-treatening question: “what do they actually mean with a hot sauce?”  Can somebody help me out here?  For now I added some sweet&chilli hot sauce, but surely not half a cup.  And I used the marinate with the vegetables too. 

You find the recipe in ‘Veganomicon’.


  1. i like your cashew pimiento cheese sauce! it looks quite delicious. did you cut your tempeh into circles? it looks really cute like that!

    haha, imagine 1/2 cup of hot sauce?!?!?! that’s a little bit extreme!

  2. Whenever a recipe calls for hot sauce, I use chili sauce from the Asian store. It’s pretty hot, but the chili sauce you can find in the supermarket is usually milder, which could be better for marinating anyway. I still need to try that hot sauce grilled tempeh! And you just made me realize that next time I have to make my cutlets thicker 😉

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