A few dishes

Only a few hours rest me before I leave for the pukkelpop festival, back on sunday and back to work on monday.  AIE!AIE! So, don’t expect any post the next day, but before I leave I’ll show you some of my latest dishes.  And yes, I used my newest cookbooks.

Courgette delight by you.

Courgette delight from How it all vegan.

So easy and simple to make.  I can recommend this for a young, first-timer, vegan,cook.  You only have to put some things together and, hup you go, in the oven. 

Jen's cream basil & sun-dried tomato pasta by you.

Jen’s cream basil & sun-dried tomato pasta from La dolce vegan

Delicious easy.  I served this with Vegetarian Breaded Fish-Style Fingers from Redwood:

My teenage girl is really missing her fish-sticks (Actually, I never served here any of them but sometimes she could eat them with other people).  Now, she would never eat them anymore, but she misses them.  So, she was really excited when we found these ‘fish style fingers’ in London. 

We brought some of this back too:

And again, teenage girl goes crazy for this.  I wish I could find them over here too.

Finally, I started making the luscious lasagne from Get it ripe.  But when I was working on it, I decided to make it a little different.  Here it goes:

Make the eggplant and sauce as described in the recipe.

Then I made my own version of the ‘ricotta’:

crumble the tofu with your hands

add 2 spoons olive-oil

add 3 spoons nutritional yeast flakes

add soy-milk (about 3 spoons)

Do not do the spinach (or if you really want, you can, but I didn’t) but do the zucchini (or if you wan’t, you don’t have too, but I did it)

Now you can make your layers, like this:

flaked almonds (this is the top)












sauce (this is the bottom)

Semi luscious lasagne by you.



  1. As a teenager it’s very difficult to stop eating such food, because everybody else eats it! I ate a lot of veggie burger while I was a teenager, and now I never eat them. I guess it’s a period of your life like anything else! but I feel your pain when you say you don’t find anything like that in the supermarket.
    I love the lasagna, it looks so scrumptious!

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