‘I think I made a mistake’ chocolate cake

And I did, believe me. 

Yesterday my parents passed by for a visit and I wanted to make a good impression: it’ not because  I have a different feeding habit that I wouldn’t be able to be a good hostess.  Helas, I had my mind so much on the glaze I wanted to choice for my chocolate cake that I made this small, but big impact mistake.  I planned to make a lasagne for dinner and I thought: ‘Hmm, I’ll try to be ecological and when the oven is warming up I put some eggplant on top of it, so it can roast.  For this I only put on the grill.  And yes, when it was time to put my cake in the oven, I totally forgot to put the heat on below.  After more than half an hour of baking I tried to take the cake out and got this blurry thing that broke down totally.  No worry for a glaze anymore.  I put the cake back in the oven, and actually it didn’t end that bad all, the taste was still gorgeous.   Only, a cake in pieces:

'I think I made a mistake' chocolate cake by you.

I used ‘Jen’s chocolate cake’ from How it all vegan.



  1. Who cares if it’s in pieces! It looks like it tastes GREAT! it looks moist and crumbly at the same time, and in my opinion..that’s the best kind of cake! 🙂 Good show!

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