London review

When you visit London (or U.K. in general) clearly you have some advantages you don’ find anywhere else.  First there is the Vegan trademark.  This makes the lifes of vegans so much easier because you don’t have to read labels all the time.

Second: they actually know about vegans/veganism.  It’s great to find labels everywhere which have these magical letters: VEGAN.

Third: vegetarianism is rather usual in the U.K.  We went for a coffee to Starbucks (which stated they sell fair trade coffee) and even the cakes mentioned if they were suitable for vegetarians.  No vegan cakes however.  For this I can recommend you to visit Camden.  You find this nice place ‘In spiral lounge’ who has this sign on the window:

In spiral lounge - menu card by you.

Unfortunalety we didn’t try one.  but they looked great.  This place is also a big recommend for ‘raw’ people.  No, the first really vegan thing I ordered in London was this:

<a href= Yes, a beer.  Which had the vegan trademark, is organic and has the best name.  Oh yeah, I liked the taste and this is a big compliment to receive from a Belgian.

I had this beer when we were waiting to find a free space in Mildred’s (Soho).  It looks like everyone wants to go to this place.  While you wait you can order your drinks already and drink this outside on the street.  Which is rather a normal thing to do in London.  The place offers vegetarian and vegan dishes.  But for some vegetarian dishes you can choose a vegan option.

Mildred's pasta by you.

I had the pasta of the day.  The boyfriend choose a risotto-cake.  I don’t have a picture of it becauwe he forgot to mention he wanted the option for this.  So, we were not sure if it was.  The taste  was good, he said, but the portion was a little bit to small for the price he had to pay.

Mildred's burger2 by you.

And the teenager took the burger of the day.  It was the cheapest on the menu but she had so much food that she couldn’t eat it all.  She sad it were the best fries she ever had and the burger was good too. 

The next day we visited Covent Garden.  Firstly I wanted to go to ‘Food for thought’ but discovered it didn’t had so much choice for vegans.  And actually I was tempted by the vegan ice-cream they were selling in Neals yard salad bar.  This place is more expensive but it’s more relaxing then Mildred’s (I forgot to mention we had a table very close to the bar and had to take the loud music all the time).

This place has a lot of choice for vegans:

Neal's yard salad bar - pasta bolognese by you.

Teenagers choice: pasta bolognese (“Mom, I like yours more”).

Neal's yard salad bar - main dish by you.

Boyfriend choice: (” I’m way more satisfied then yesterday).

Neal's yard salad bar - rissoto by you.

My choice: risotto (“The best risotto I ever had”)

Last day we had reserved for the best.  Truly, every vegan who ever visits London should go to this place.  Okay, it takes some time to go overthere by metro and a short walk and no tourists thing anywhere in the neighboorhoud.  But it’s definitely worth it, believe me:

222 VeggieVeganRestaurant

Every dish is vegan.  It was so hard to choose:

222 Gardens by you.

Boyfriend choice: 222 gardens (“Delicious”)

222 Burger by you.

Teenager choice: 222 Burger (“This is the best veganaise ever”)

222 - Broccolini Di Parma by you.

My choice: 222 – Broccolini Di Parma.  WOW!!!! This is exactly the kind of food I was hoping to find.  Inspiring, delicious, yummy, oh so good!!!

We liked this place so much that we couldn’t resist to take a dessert:

222 - Homemade Tofu Cheesecake by you.

Homemade tofu cheesecake

222 - Chocolate cake and ice-cream by you.

Chocolate cake and ice-cream. This was the best vegan ice-cream I ever tasted.

The world is (again) a little bit more beautifull now I know places like this exist. 

The last day we had to take our train back home in the evening.  We went for a short lunch in the Red&Veg fastfood.  This place is very small and not so friendly service.  But the food (I had a falafel) was good.

For our train ride we bought some sandwiches in Tesco, and guess what they sold:

Tesco - vegan sandwiches by you.

Unbelievable, something I would never find over here in a supermarket.  London, I like you a lot and I’ll be back, I promise.


  1. London, I like you too. No, I love you. Wow, this was an awesome review, now I am sitting here totally hungry. The cakes look good, but so does the pasta and everything else. Yummy, I am glad you had a great time! And that vegan label is awesome. Some companies work with it over here in Germany too and as you said, it’s great if you don’t have to read the labels.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the totally timely post – we head to London on Saturday morning for a day of shopping and EATING! K is from ENgland, but I don’t think Vegan registered on his radar 7 years ago when he last lived on the island so your recommendations will come in very handy.

    I posted this on my site for you, but: The shop that I posted about is on Rue du Balli, (tram 81 runs down there) and it is called Tzo – oh. my. goodness. Just about the best shop every…a holy temple if you will. Seriously, visit it and fall in love, you will be coming into the city EVERY DAY. There is a great great great lebanese rest. just around the corner – open at lunch and after 7. We go there quite often – really great homemade food. Yummy.

    We totally have to get together!!! Be well.

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