Summer in your plate

This is going to be a quicky.  Tomorrow we finally leave for London. We’ll stay four days.  I’ll try to find some decent vegan food and take pictures.  I promise.  Actually we have a contact overthere who knows a vegan Londoner and she recommend some nice eatingplaces.  So, propably it wouldn’t be a problem. 

Today was leftover day with the vegetables I found in my fridge:

fennel, 3 tomatoes, red pepper and 1 old carrot.

With al this I managed to make this excellent stew.  Cut all of the vegetables in pieces. Fry 1 garlic with the red pepper.  Add the rest off the vegetables.  Season with one teaspoon paprikapowder.  And let it stew for half an hour.

I like this a lot when served with new potatoes (boiled in water and fried in a pan) and some good seitan.

Summer in your plate by you.

Oh yes, forgot to tell why we needed a ladder.  Well, we took are chimney away last weekend.  This also the reason why I didn’t post for a few days.  It was hard work but we managed. 

And for the people from Gent.  Every sunday in august you can go to the astridpark for a drink, fun, music, childrenplays, human tetris (come see and believe it) and foodstalls.  And one of them is selling vegan burgers.  Yes, with homemade veganaise.  And only 2 euro for a burger.  I tried one, of course, and they are delicious.  Even the teenager liked them a lot.



  1. Thank you so much for the award and have a great time in London! You took your chimney away? I hope it wasn’t destroyed by a storm!

    Vegan burgers for 2 € sounds like an awesome deal.

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