Award nominations


 And now for the awards.  I’ll like to pass them too:

Tofufreak: This young girl has the same age as my teenager and makes all this amazing food already!  And hey, we share a love for tofu as a name!

Tofu for two: I’m crazy about their heading and they always have these beautiful pictures.  It also always encourage me that they are able to make this delicious food even when you’re living in a cold country.

Vegetarian Belly: A nice and honest girl: “I am a vegetarian but I try to avoid animal products as much as I can.”  I like that and we have this sentence in common.

Jess – the domestic vegan:” Lover of animals & the earth, so I do my part to save both by cooking up delicious vegan dishes!”  I like the way she says this.  Unfortunately she doesn’t post that much, so I hope this encourages her in more writing. 

Seitan is my motor: I like the name, what can I say.  And her love for making vegan sweet things and vegan food in general.

Vegan cow girl: a Canadian girl who lives in my country and write about places and thing I actually know and have been too.  By her writing she makes them way more interesting and beautiful to me.  Nice food too!!!

 – Vegan dad: don’t we al wished we could have grown up with a dad like him???

Lowimpact man: a local guy, who I don’t know personal, but  a few months ago he left his job and since that time he tries to live with as less impact as possible on the environment.  Last week he decided to go vegan.  As an encouragement I’ll give him this award.

I looked it up, and these are supposed to be the rules:

Put the logo on your blog.

*Add a link to the person who awarded you.
*Nominate at least seven other blogs.
*Add links to those blogs on your blog.
*Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.


  1. Thanks much for the award! Much appreciated.
    Really excited to see your blog – I am adding you to my blog roll.
    Funny enough, but I have managed to run into a bevy of veg*ns living in Brussels/Belgium this week.

    I am not sure if I mentioned it on my blog or not, but I am starting a veg association in Belgium – hope to include you in that.

    Your blog looks great!

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