My first award, YIEPEYE!

The ten-day party is finally over. I had such a great time. But for now I feel very tired. I still don’t have to go to work but it doesn’t mean I can be idle. Oh now, We’re going to do some rebuilding in hour house this weekend. And after that, I can finally leave our small town for a few days, because we’re going to visit a bigger town. Yes, we’re going to London. I’m so excited about it.

I did manage to make food some of the last days:

Lasagne marinara with spinach from Veganomicon

I  can truly recommend this.  One of the best lasagne I have ever eaten, and believe me I have eaten a lot.  Teenage girl wasn’t to found of it (Oh no, it has spinach!), but her friend who stayed for a day, well, she took twice.  I cheated a little bit on her, because I only told her it was completely vegan after she had finished eaten.  She had some problem before with faux-cheese after I had made a croque for her with cheddar-tofutti.  She really disliked it, so I didn’t want her to prejudiced. 
And now some very nice news.  Alice in Veganland gave me this award. 


Check out her blog, she has to work a lot of time and still manages to make all this great vegan food.  And she’s very nice, dedictated blogger too.

I promise I’ll pass the award through tomorrow.


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