Red in green

I have to confess I haven’t done almost no cooking the last week.  The reason for this that I’m on a party.  Yes, a party that goes on for ten days in a row: de Gentse feesten.  It’s probably hard to imagine but our city is ten days long one big party with concerts, theaters, dancing, hanging out in parks, markets and a lot of drinking.  This is day 6 and I’ve been there every single day.  

Lucky for me, the teenager went to the Ardennen last weekend and made this bautiful picture that I can share:

And for everyone who is wondering how the sushi-party ended.  Well, I started with cutting some vegetables with this big, very, very sharp japanese knife.  Whoops, of course I had to cut in my tumb.  I actually still tried to roll some sushi.  The first one went not so good.  And with the second one, suddenly the whole thing became red.  Of course as a vegetarien I don’t want to shed any blood for food, so I had to give up.  No rolling skills yet, for now, but I learned a lot already by watching my friend. 


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