I still have to tell you the sushi-story.  For her birthday, the teenager wanted to have sushi.  We have over here in Gent a trendy asian kinda fastfood restaurant aka musicclub.  It’s hard to explain but it’s hip for young people to go over there and eat something.  We did this already before so we knew they were selling a vegeterian sushi-set.   Unfortunalety, they had dediced to take it from the menu.  Big disapointement.  On my request if it wasn’t possible to order only vegetetarian sushi’s.  They told us: no.  Instead they suggested us to order a normal sushi-set and share the one’s we didn’t want to eat with someone else.  Of course I refused. 

A few days ago I send a mail to the restaurant and they promised me to look for a solution for the vegetarians.  They will inform me about it later on.  By the way: they still serve other vegeterian dishes, but we really wanted some sushi.  So the next day I made my own, for the first time:

I think it was fun to do, but found the rolling thing very difficult.  And guess what, I talked about it with a friend, and he invited me to a sushi-party for tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward too it.  And he’s goint to teach me too.

As a filling I used some: orange peppers, cucumber and toasted sesame-seeds.  And some wasabi of course.



  1. That’s a shame that they couldn’t roll you up some nice veggie sushi. Luckily where I live we have a sushi place that does an amazing veggie plate. It’s good to here that your friend will be helping you out with your own sushi rolling. I have never made sushi before. Have fun at your sushi party 🙂

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