Full with coulours but no eggs quiche

Did I tell already I really like quiches.  They’re so easy to make, even vegan ones, and every time you can make the filling in a different way.  Our universe exists of an endless way of combinations.

The next one is quiet simple but it really has the fluffy looks and a little bit the taste of a quiche wich has a lot of eggs and cream in it.  Except this one  is totally dairy and cruelty free.

RECIPE for the filling:

1 sliced orange paprika

1/2 sliced courgette (zuchinni)

150 g corn

package silken tofu

2 tablespoons nutritional yeastflakes

2 tablespoons tahin

2 tablespoons chickpea-flour

Jalapenos (to your own taste, I used 3 pieces out of a jar)

Saute the pepper in some olive oil.  Ad the courgette, till  a little bit soft.

Ad the tofu.  Stir in it til it goes fluffy.

Ad the corn, tahin, nutritional yeast flakes and chickpea-flour.

If you like it spicy, you can torn some pieces of jalapenos in very small parts.  And stir them through your batter.

Don’t forget your salt and pepper!!!


The quiche was served with a spirelli salad.  It’s not showing on the picture but it had tomatoes and roasted pinenuts in it.


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