Ghent-way macaroni salad

I stole the idea from Veganomicon’s Brooklyn deli macaroni salad, and made mine own euh, totally different, version:

Dressing: use half of the Vegenaise, and ad some soymilk, mustard, olive-oil.  Substitute the sugar by agave-syrup.

Salad: forgot about the peas and the radices.  And take some chickpeas instead.  And most of all: scrambled tofu.  I marinated the tofu with: balsamico, olive-oil, soysauce (dark and salt), garlicpowder, basil and thym.

And I’m totally excited, because tomorrow I’ll be going to the RockWerchter festival.  These are the bands I’ll be seeing:  MGMT, the hives, Editors, Kate Nash, KT Tunstall, Sigur Ros and RADIOHEAD!!!



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