Now, I’m really back

It’s strange how at some moments in a persons life, time can go really fast.  A lot of things happened the last days.  Nothing really special, but it seems I was almost never at home.  I still managed to prepare a few good meals.  Unfortunalety I can only show the pictures and no explanation.  It looks I didn’t found the time to write it down and now I have forgotten about it. 

But first some news:

The teenager’s schoolyear is finished.  She got an A.  Which is very good news because now she can start with artschool in september.

TVPMushrooms something

The last one is the potato-tortilla from ‘Vegan with a vengeance’.

The first picture has TVP in it, and the second is mushrooms-something.

And now as an present for my fellow bloggers because I didn’t find the time to read all of your blogs the last weeks, a nice faux cupcake (made by teenager):

To finish: the next weeks there will be less posts as usual.  Summer is calling!!!

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