Chocolate cupcakes, with spots

Teenager is studying for the last exams: history.  When she’s finished tomorrow, we leave for a weekend of camping in the Ardennen.  We will be staying next to a castle, yes!  I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s not only us, but we’re going with a lot of friends (count more or less 50 people).  And only 5 vegetarians.  But guess, what’s most fun for me, teenager is taking 5 of her friends.  So, I’ll be responsible for 5 14-years old girls the whole weekend.

A lame excuse for the last days why I wasn’t able to make some descent vegan food.  I was really to busy with organising the whole thing.  Still, a few days ago I managed to make some rucola-pesto.  And used it in a risotto:

In real it’s way more greener.  The taste was also not quit good yet, so I don’t give a recipe.

But the next thing was a big hit:

Chocolate cupcakes (of course: Vegan cupcakes take over the world).

And so for my last grades I had to receive, they were really nice: 9/10.

I wish you all a nice weekend, and probably back on monday.



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