Vegetables in a coconutmilk-sauce

This recipe is a adaption of  ‘Groentestoofpotje met kokosmelk’ from ‘Vegetarisch genieten’:


Steam some green beans (250 g ).

Shop a few hard-boiling potatoes  (3 normal ones) in little cubes.

Slice a red pepper.

Shop 1 garlic clove finely.

Fry the garlic in a pan. 

Add some ginger and cuminseeds.

Add the potatoes and coconutmilk (200 ml).

Add juice of half a lemon and salt.

Add the red pepper and let it all sudder till the vegetables are done.

Don’t forget to add the green beans in the end.  And warm them up a little bit.

Normally, you should add a ‘red hot chilli pepper’ too.  But I didn’t had one. 

Grades: 8/10

(I would have given more, but that’s because I really like this kind of dish).


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