Good for a 7,5 to 10. 

I used the ‘ Apricot-glazed almond cupcakes’ recipe from (what else?) Vegan cupcakes take over the world.  But without the apricots.

For the ganache I used a recipe from ‘My sweet vegan’.  It did turn out a little bit strange.  As you can see on the pictures.  The teenager wanted to write some things on the cupcakes, but with this kind of ganache it would never work out.  How do they do that????



  1. It looks like some water snuck into your ganache. I don’t know the recipe or directions out of My Sweet Vegan, but when making ganache – I assume you’re making it stove top – there are two ways. Melt chocolate and milk-alternative together in a double boiler, or heat the milk to just before boiling and pour over the chocolate and stir. If any drop of water gets into this tricky beast, your chocolate will seize creating this lumpy, unspreadable mess – and there’s no coming back from it, no rescue I know of, you just have to start over fresh. This water can come from the steam created in a double boiler, or even a tiny drop on your spoon used to stir it… Next attempt, be wary of any moisture other than the milk/cream alternative. Hope this helps!

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