Nice results for a chocolate-strawberry cake

The teenager is very busy with studying.  This weekend it’s mathematics.  I’m helping her out by given her excercises.  In return she’ll given me points for the food I’m offering her the following weeks.

I’ll start with my worst result:

I’s a spinach pie, based on the recipe from ‘Vegan Vittles’ from Joanne Stepaniak.

She hated every bite of it.

It was served with a Penne-broccoli salad, based on a recipe from a flemish vegetarian cookbook ‘Vegetarisch genieten’.  It goes like this.

Simmer or steam some broccoli flowers.

Boil the penne.

Roast some pine-nuts.

Fry some garlic, add grated lemon zest and ad roasted red-pepper pine-nuts spread.

Add the broccoli and the penne.

Add some pepper, salt, the roasted pine-nuts and if you want some olive oil.


But with the dessert, I received the best grades ever.

Chocolate-strawberry cake.

As a base I used the chocolate cake recipe for Marshamallow Mud Cake from ‘My sweet vegan’.

We layered the cake with whipped soy-cream from Tofutown.  And as a decoration some organic straweberries:

This dessert is very easy and fast to make, it gives a nice and beautiful result and you can make it with the things you have in your cupboard. 


spinach pie: 6/10

Penne broccoli salad: 8/10

Chocolat strawberry cake: 10/10

And the boyfriend, well he was sick, so he only got this:



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