Cupcakes take over the birthday

This weekend it was the birthday of Teenage Judge best friend: Heike!!!

So what did Teenage Judge decided would be a nice present: vegan cupcakes.  Well, she gave some other things too.  But, she really wanted to take the cupcakes to school on monday. 

As a good mom, what else could I do than grap my ‘Vegan cupcakes take over the world’ and getting started.  One of the most difficult part of using this book is that you have to choose.  Lucky enough for me my eye soon felt on this words:

CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING …. Spread or pipe on choclolate or vanilla cupcakes for birthday cupcake perfection.’

The choice was made: this frosting on vanilla cupcakes, I didn’t want to give the girl a chocolate indigestion.

We also needed some decoration.  Teenage Judge really wanted some cherries.  And we found them.  And this was the result:

My muffin pan only has place for 7 cakes.  And of course we want to use all of the batter.  There can never be too many cupcakes!!!  I put some cupcake liners in a square tin, and this was the result:

They were decorated with vegan white-rice chocolate.  And we kept them all for ourselves.

We also had some frosting left.  We could three things with it:

– throw it away (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

– Eat it like that (not so healthfull)

– Use it for something else. 

We found some plain vegan cookies.  And decided to spread it between the cookies.  Now we had our own vegan ‘Prince-cookie’




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