Seitan, potatoes and muffins

And some more food from VEGANOMICON:

And yes, I’ll made my first seitan.  The taste was perfect, but the texture could have been softer.  Maybe my kneading-skills aren’t well enough yet.  But, this is really a good recipe (= Simple seitan – Veganomicon) to start with.  It was way easier and not to much work than I ever expected.  I also scored some good points with teenage judge (are you sure you didn’t put a pig in this?).

On the picture you also see ‘Lemony roasted potatoes’.  And this is really delicious.  Next time I have some guests for dinner, I’ll serve them this.  I’m sure everyone will like this dish.

Another great recipe from VEGANOMICON: carrot-pineapple sunshine muffins.  They are full with flavours.  And have the perfect sweetness for me.  Teenage judge was at first a little bit disappointed that I was going to make these ones (there is a vegetable in it!) and not the usual chocolate flavoured.  But soon enough she became addicted to them. 

seitancarrot-pineapple-muffin2carrot-pineapple-muffinseitan, potatoes, cauliflower-couscous and lettuce

The day after: homemade simple seitan, leftover lemony roasted potatoes, cauliflower à la couscous, mushroom-almond-cream sauce and some lettuce.



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