CHICKPEAS, found, used and eaten.

Looks, like I finally found some chickpeas.  So, here they are:

Chickpea-cutlets, with oven-roasted carrots and baked potatoes.

I don’t think I have to tell you vegan people where I found the recipe for them.  They were indeed very easy to make, and kinda fast and cheap (if you compare with the prices for faux-meat).  But, like Ariel (check her blog), I prefered the beanballs.  I think the cutlets were a little bit to dry-heavy??  I made them in the oven, maybe that’s the reason.

I think I’ll try to experiment a little bit with it.  I want it more fluffy!!!



  1. Oh, congratulations on your cutlets! I guess I’m going to be the LAST vegan to try those damn cutlets! I’m just to lazy to buy the 5€ gluten package… I’ve heard they’re a little dry when baked…

  2. Some people recommended adding mushrooms to the chick pea cutlet mix. They might add a little moisture. Also, tahini. I don’t know if that will change up the flavor, but considering they are a little bland this might do the cutlets some good. Hopefully your future experimentation might work.

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