Yesterday I finally had some time to go for something from VEGANOMICON.

I really, really wanted to try the chickpea-cutlets, but there are some mysterious things going on in our neighbourhood: all the chickpeas are out of stock for some weeks now.  I guess everyone bought VEGANOMICON and is trying out the cutlets for themselves. 

So, I went for the beanballs.  If you didn’t make these ones yet, you should really try them.  They are easy and delicious.  And they go really great with the Marinara sauce.  Mine were a little bit mashed-up.  I think I didn’t put enough breadcrumbs in them.

I also made some carrot-peanut soup (it’s again the one from Vegan vitality):



  1. Most of the time I can find canned chickpeas in Turkish-shops. And they are cheap. I don’t know if you have them in Germany. But in Gent we have lots of them. The’re something like in the old days: the small neighbourhood shop.

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