Sunny food

The nice summery weather is almost finished.  In a few days we’ll sink to 16°C.  I will miss the sun, the light and the warm temperatures so much. But hopefully  I will finally have some time to make some food from the VEGANOMICON.  I really want to try the chickpeas-cutlets everyone is talking about.

For now, some pictures from pasta-salades and smoothies. 

orange smoothypasta and roasted tofu saladpasta salad with vegy sausagesbanana smoothy

orange smoothy: Two oranges, 1 vanille soy-yoghurt and some more soymilk

pasta and roasted tofu salad: it’s the Italian-tofu recipe from VEGAN WITH A VENGEANCE or VEGANOMICON

pasta salad with vegy sausages: peas, tofu-pesto (Food for freedom), soy-sausages

Banana-smoothy: 3 bananas from the fridge (we don’t have a freezer), 2 oranges and vanille soy-milk


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