Visit to Antwerp

Today, we (again the teenager and me) took a small visit to Antwerp.  I had to go over there anyway (to learn talking in french on the telephone).

Finally, We visited the vegan shoe-shop: Georgette (see this earlier post).  Unfortunately, the shoes are all quiet expensive and not so much into my style of cloths.  I’m more into playish(?) clothes.  And I’m riding a bike almost everyday or walking some distances, so my shoes can’t be to uncomfortable.  Also, they didn’t had the ones I was looking for.

But I took some two other things back home:

Vegetarian journal

Vegetarian journal from ‘The vegetarian resource group’.

If I was living in the US or Canada, probably I would find this a very interesting journal, but now I didn’t.  Or maby I had bad luck finding an issue (it’s not the one is showing, but nr. 2 from 2008), which most part of the magazine was writing about the veggie options at quick-service restaurant chains.  Most of them we don’t have over here, accept pizza hut and McDonalds (and the latest has enough reasons for rather going hungry then to pay them a visit).  The magazine had some interesting looking recipes, but not enough for the price I had to pay.

vegetarian summer Two times a year (Christmas and summer) BBC GoodFood publishes a totally vegetarian issue.  It’s not that the recipes are vegan (only a few are), it’s not that the recipes are amazing (but it has some good chefs playing around), it’s not that it’s bringing exciting news from veggy-land.  No, it’s not that, but it surely is some very, very good vegetarian foodporn.



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