Two nice places in Gent

Last weekend felt like a small holiday.  We were having a 3-day-weekend and the weather was still very warm.  On saturday, we went to the Brugse Poort ( a neighbourhood in Gent).  A few friends opened a new coffee house.  It’s more like a communicating house.  And they sell only fair-trade or biological things.  There is a possibility to eat a vegetarian soup of pasta.  And it’s cheap.

IF you’re in the neighbourhood, you should definetely check it out.

Close by, there is also the bio-planet ( it’s a supermarket).  We (the teenage girl and me) went over there because we really wanted to have an ice-cream.  Unfortunalty for us, the Tofutti boxes were to large for the 2 of us.  So, we decided to go to the bio-planet restaurant, it was advertising with ice-cream coupes.  Helas, they told us, they didn’t use soy-icecream.  The woman behind the counter was really nice, she asked me why I wanted soy instead of dairy.  So, I told her is wasn’t for health reasons, I was only trying to eat as less as possible diary.  Because of the teenage girl big dissapointement (I promised her an ice-cream for some days already), I decided we should take one, anyway.  The dairy was all bio; so it was less bad.  And then this great thing happened.  The very nice woman, told us that especcially for us, they were going to take a Toffutti ice box from the store and made us a Dame Blanche with it.  So, we had a delicious vegan ice cream after all.  5 stars for the best service ever. 


It looks like my flick isn’t working today, so new pictures to post.  But I think I didn’t show these ones yet:

cornbreadcornbread and carrot soup

It’s corn bread from ‘Another dinner is possible’ and Carrot bisque from ‘Vegan with a vengeance’.



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