Famous vegan

Yesterday, we almost met a very, very famous vegan.  An real international star.  To be honest: he’s not my favourite famous vegan.  The story goes likes this:

My boyfriend works as a PR for a record/cd distribution company.  As always, on wednesday, he goes to our national radiostation in Brussel.  He goes there to bring them the newest records.  So, he’s in one of the offices over there.  And guess, who enters the room:


And that’s actually the whole story: my boyfriend was in that room having a talk, and Moby was in the same room, having a talk.  It felt like almost meeting him, even for me.  I know it sound probably a little bit silly.  But that same evening Moby was also DJ-ing in our town, not so far away from my house.  I didn’t go, because well, I’am not such a fan.

Below a preview-picture of my soon- to- come post about the food I served for my birthdayguests:


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