Green pea and lemon risotto

I’ve been waiting in despair for weeks if my boy-friend was going to understand the several hints I give to him that my biggest wish at the moment was to be a very proud owner of a copy of VEGANOMICON.  Lucky for him, he did.  Yesterday, was the only day we were able to have dinner with the 3 of us.  Of course I had to choose something from my newest treasure. 

With this nice weather I went for the ‘Green pea and lemon risotto with roasted red peppers’.  I thought it was perfect, but helas, the teenager didn’t like it that much.  The boyfriend didn’t make it on time, but after reheating his plate, he liked it too.


I try to follow the seasons and buy only the vegetables from that moment.  So, I didn’t do the roasted peppers (I’m crazy for roasted peppers, so I try this recipe again in summer).  Instead I fried some seitan from (Maya), served with a red pepper dip and some sliced cherry-tomatoes.  I know no season vegetables but they were leftovers from my birthday-party, the only fancy thing I used that day.  I’l try to post about it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.  It’s way to nice weather to be behind the computer right now.



  1. Risottos are actually very easy to do. Only don’t rush it to fast. Take your time and use a good pan.
    And Alice, I’m from Gent. Did you like it? If you visit it again, you should really go to ‘Komkommertijd’. It’s vegan paradise.

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