Sweet and sour, and some nuggets

The teenage girl didn’t like the marinated tofu from a few days ago as much.  There was a challenge waiting again for me.  After looking in a few of my newest cookbooks I decided to go for the Sweet and sour ‘neat’ bals from The everyday vegan.  I changed the recipe for the ‘bals’ a little bit.  Left out all of the vegetables, and instead of whole-wheat flour added some chickpea-flour. 

They were really easy to make, and I can imagine there still open for more creativity with flavours.

But how wrong could I be.  No, said the teenage girl, I don’t like them to much.  Lucky enough, she liked the Sweet and sour sauce.  And she really disliked the Roasted turnip purée, from the same book.

The next day I still had some sauce left.  And some nuggets from Redwood Foods in the fridge.  And these she really adored, of course.  I served them with some roasted mushrooms and with the Couscous, rissoto style from VeganYumYum.  Couscous this way, was really a great discovering.  Thank you, is was YUMYUM.  The combination of these 4 dishes works really well.


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