Macaroni gratin

My 13-years old is very fond of macaroni with cheese.  A few day’s ago

we visited together a health-food shop.  In there she saw some vegetarian

sausages.  So, I decided to make her a special treat and make some

 macaroni-vegan-cheese with sausages inside.  As a side-dish I thought

 it would be a good idea to make a green salad. 

But helas, I read in a lot of blogs how happy peope are that spring is

finally arrived.  Well, it didn’t over here.  We’re still in winter: with snow

till yesterday.  No weather for a fresh green salad.  Instead I bought

some spinach, and put this in the dish.

Before the oven.

After the oven.

On the plate

For the cheese-sauce I used the Vegan cheesy sauce from

“Another dinner is possible”.


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