An exquisit feastday dinner, with a leftover.

I had some ‘Punk rock chickpea gravy’ leftover. 

Traditionally I should have making this weekend something

with eggs.  But helas, I’m not very much in traditionals.  So, it’s

only coincidence I decided to make the ‘Mushroom Frittata’

from Vegan with a vengeance

In addition I made some cauliflower in an experimental way. 

I read about it the magazine from EVA (our local vegetarian

organisation).  And it’s really a great idea.  Cut the cauliflower in

 little flowers.  Put them in a foodprocessor and grind them.  They

should have the size of couscous.  After this put them in boiling

water for half a minute.  Now you can spice them up or put some

extra ingredients in. Like you would with a salad, something as

Tabouleh.  I added some toasted pine-nuts, raisins, olive oil,

pepper, salt and basil. 

The combinations of these 3 dishes was WOW!

I was also going to try one of the ‘Vegan cupcakes take

over the world’.  But couldn’t finish them.  They looked and

smelled so good, that we couldn’t wait.  Without a frosting, glace

or whatever these “Simple vanilla and agave nectar

cupcakes are already delicious.

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