Little carrot tower

I’m a little be proud of this thing.  So, here is the recipe:

Chop carrots (500 g) and simmer them in a little bit of water until soft.

Grind some cashewnuts  (3 spoons) in the food-processor.  You can leave some chunks in it.

Ad carrots, mix, and ad slowly soy-cream.

Ad lemon juice (1 spoon), cumin (1 teaspoon), salt, pepper.

Ad polenta, till you have a more solid batter.

Now put the batter in a muffin tin.

In the oven at 180°C, 30 min.

I served this with marinated tofu, risotto cookies and a mushroom-soycream sauce.

This is very nice to serve when you have friends to visit.  Because three of the courses are made in the oven and can be prepared on advance.  The mushroom-soycream sauce can also be made in advance.  Only ad the soy-cream a little before you want to serve and heat up the sauce.

Actually we had a guest when I served this food.  A friend of my 13-years old.  He came to visit us for the first time and decided to stay for dinner.  He was a little bit surprised by the food.  He found it very strange food.  But, still, he tried it all and liked only the little carrot tower and a little bit the marinated tofu.  He really disliked the mushroom-sauce of which I thought it was the most normal food I served that day.  But, he became even more surprised, when every one’s plate was fully served, I started to take pictures of mine.  It was certainely the most weird dinner he ever had. 


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