I know, it’s not good to be angry.  But sometimes there is no other way than feeling angry.  And there is a difference in feeling angry and acting angry?  Or am I wrong?

Why I feel angry?  Well, in Belgium we have this television production company for kids, called Studio 100.  The only criteria they use for their productions goes like this: if the children like it, it means it’s ok.  We all know children are very easy satisfied. Very low standards, indeed.  Their programs are full with stereotyped characters and tells nothing about real society.  And yes, they’re very, very popular.  Almost every child is a big fan of one of their productions.

This week in the newspaper: Studio 100 starts with hamburgers. Yes, now their also going to sell hamburgers from one of their most famous characters.  Not only are they keeping the children stupid, they are also making them unhealty and cruelier. 

And there I am, all this years seriously thinking, that we the grown-ups where the ones who were teaching the young ones, but no Studio 100 says: follow the standards of the children.  They only forget, maybe the standards from the children  would be different is they were told the truth instead of the fake world Studio 100 is selling them al the time.

That’s why I feel angry!!!

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