Vegan cheesy sauce

Before I decided to eat less diary, I dared to make some cheese sauce from a package.  I blame my 13 years old for this, because she was very found of it.  She even didn’t mind eaten vegetables like broccoli, if I served it with this sauce.  And her favorite dish, was as many teenagers, a macaroni-cheese-gratin.

Then one day, the people from ‘Bite back’ were having a stall in our town.  They were selling this can with dry stuff in it to make fake cheese sauce.  I tried it out a few times.  I liked it, a little bit.  The rest of my family, well, let’s say they didn’t like it that much. 

But, now, I have my new book ‘Another dinner is possible’.  And it had this easy recipe for ‘Cheesy’ sauce.  I can’t tell you more, how simple and easy this recipe is.  Put some dry ingredients together, mix with some water and bring to boil.  Almost the same thing as using a package.  But much more tastier and healthier and without all the nasty unnatural taste amplifiers.

The first day I served it with some cauliflower.  The 13 years old said, ok, but not great.  The next day I made a macaroni-cheese-gratin using this sauce.  And guess what, the 13 years adored it.


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