The truth about food

Finally I watched the last episode of ‘The truth about food’ a BBC-documentary.  A (non-vegetarian) friend told me it showed some very interesting facts, including some things about vegetarians. 

They claim that everything they show is proved by science.  But the research they’re showing is everything but scientific correct.  E.g. most of the time there is no control group.

But still I find it a very interesting program.  When researchers tell you that by eating lots of tomatoes you can protect yourself against sunburn, I don’t complain. 

In this last episode they wanted to know if vegetarian sporters would perform worse or better if they would start eating meat.  So they found some vegetarian sport women who didn’t mind eating meat for 2 months for the good case of scientific research.  The first meal they served to the sporters was duck.  In disgust the sporters discovered it was served with the eyes still on the animal.  YUK YUK YUK.  But still, they didn’t refuse and behaved very brave.  Everything for the good case of television scientific research, isn’t it?

After two months they checked if they performed better or worse.  Actually, one of them really did a lot better.  But, only one.  The others didn’t show a big change.  Result: statistically this research didn’t proof anything.

Dear documentary makers, next time, can you please ask some non-vegetarian sporters not to eat meat for 2 months and see if it does make any difference for performing.  And if doesn’t show any difference, at least no animals were killed for silly research.


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