A classic sunday diner

Well, almost the end of the winter and there is one winter vegetable we haven’t  been eaten yet.  Yes: red cabbage.  There is a good reason.  We’re not very fond of it and we don’t have a freezer.  So, when I buy a whole cabbage, we have to eat  it several days in a row.  And to much red cabbage, is really to much red cabbage.

This weekend I was lucky, I could buy a small package of shredded red cabbage from the supermarkt.  I know it’s not that environmental friendly, but I thought this was my last chance to have some cabbage for this winter.

I found this great recipe in ‘Delia’s vegetarian collection’.  You mix it with some other stuff and put in the oven for some time.  Well, my family liked it a lot. 

I served it with potato pancakes.

Boil some potatoes and make mashed potatoes (I used soymilk and margarine).

Add some flour and, voila, you have a batter, ready for making pancakes.

For a classic sunday diner, serve it with some seitan.


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