A very nice (vegan) dessert

Last weekend we were invited to have diner at the home of some very good friends.  We promised to take care of the dessert.   So we (Yuna and me) decided it should be vegan and it would contain chocolate.  And this is the result:

Not bad isn’t it?

Every-one took twice (and our friends are not even vegetarian).

First we made a chocolate cake, and served it with whipped tofu-cream and soy-icecream (vanille).

This is the recipe for the cake:

100 g sugar (your own choice)

4 spoons cacao

1/2 teaspoon salt

170 g selfraising flour

1 sachet vanillesugar


Add 90 ml oil (again, your own choice)

2 spoon red wine vinegar

200 ml cold water

egg-replacer (= 2 eggs)


At this point we found the batter to liquid, so we added more flour.

Put in the oven (180°C), 30 min.

It looked like this:

The recipe was adapted by me from a recipe I found in Leah Leneman’s ‘365 plus one vegan recipes’ and made by Yuna.


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