Fusion Rice Bowl


Lately I joined a Vegan Potluck group. It’s always fun but it’s always also a big challenge. By coincidence we have a few people with allergies in the group. So when I prepare something for the potluck I can’t use nuts, gluten, refined sugars or beans.

Last time I prepared this Fusion Rice Bowl, and it was a big hit:

Fusion Rice Bowl

Name: Fusion Rice Bowl

From: Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen

Author: Joni Marie Newman

Vegan Finger Foods for Eurosong


So, yesterday we watched Eurosong. Although the music is almost always bad, we watch it for fun. It’s always a great mother-daughter moment. For the occasion I prepared some finger foods because that gave me a good excuse to use my latest cookbook purchase: Vegan Finger Foods.

Yesterday was also vegan baking day, and I had the chance to buy some delicious vegan food from the Bite Back stall.

Finger Foods Eurosong


Clockwise: Tahini Cauliflower, samosa (bought), pakora (bought), Spinach Swirls, Bacony Chickpeas.


Eurosong desserts


The two puddings on the left were bought, on the right my first attempt on making mini raw cheesecakes. Using this recipe, but I found out that I didn’t have coconut oil in the house, so I replaced it with Coconut cream. It worked more or less. Anyway they were delicious.


Vegan Lemonade at Hopland


Seeing the V… word more & more.

A few weeks ago I passed by Hopland (Antwerp) with a colleague when I noticed this sign:



At that time I didn’t had the time to go inside and order a lemonade, but when the waiter saw me taking this picture and talking about it, he came outside and showed me a bottle of the lemonade, which was actually labeled vegan.

Some time later I found time for a visit, but unfortunately they didn’t had the same lemonade again :-(