Indian food


I don’t know how long already, but this thing:

have been screaming to me for a long time now, every time I opened one of my kitchen cupboard.

(it’s the thing on the left)

So, yesterday I finally grabbed my ‘Worlds vegetarian classics’ from Celia Brooks Brown.  I have this book for almost a year, and never used it.  It’s all the fault of the vegan blogs, because soon after I got this book I discovered al these great blogs and became addicted to them.

Well, it was a mistake, not of spending all my time on the blogs, but of not using the book, because the indian recipes I used from it are so delicious:

DAL (I even served myself 3 times) and BAIGAN ALOO CHARCHARI (sorry, I used a dutch version and the traditional names or in it but no english).  The last dish is actually from Bengalen.

Tortilla-pita and a big thanks to Eric Marcus


I have to admit that this dish was a very easy one for getting good grades.  It’s no work and most teenagers like this kind of ‘fast-food’.

As the ‘faux-pita meat’ I used the one from Greenway.  It’s a new thing on the market and you can find it in the supermarket. 

And it got me an 9 to 10.

I also made some almond-cupcakes, but we didn’t eat them yet, so you have to wait for my grades till tomorrow. 

I also have to give a big thank you to Eric Marcus.  He found the picture of my Strawberry-banana smoothie on my flickr account, and blogged about it.  Check it out!!!  Sadly, he missed the chocolat-strawberry cake.


Visit to Antwerp


Today, we (again the teenager and me) took a small visit to Antwerp.  I had to go over there anyway (to learn talking in french on the telephone).

Finally, We visited the vegan shoe-shop: Georgette (see this earlier post).  Unfortunately, the shoes are all quiet expensive and not so much into my style of cloths.  I’m more into playish(?) clothes.  And I’m riding a bike almost everyday or walking some distances, so my shoes can’t be to uncomfortable.  Also, they didn’t had the ones I was looking for.

But I took some two other things back home:

Vegetarian journal

Vegetarian journal from ‘The vegetarian resource group’.

If I was living in the US or Canada, probably I would find this a very interesting journal, but now I didn’t.  Or maby I had bad luck finding an issue (it’s not the one is showing, but nr. 2 from 2008), which most part of the magazine was writing about the veggie options at quick-service restaurant chains.  Most of them we don’t have over here, accept pizza hut and McDonalds (and the latest has enough reasons for rather going hungry then to pay them a visit).  The magazine had some interesting looking recipes, but not enough for the price I had to pay.

vegetarian summer Two times a year (Christmas and summer) BBC GoodFood publishes a totally vegetarian issue.  It’s not that the recipes are vegan (only a few are), it’s not that the recipes are amazing (but it has some good chefs playing around), it’s not that it’s bringing exciting news from veggy-land.  No, it’s not that, but it surely is some very, very good vegetarian foodporn.

Tofutti Cheddar style


Yesterday, some pizza again. 

On top: Tofutti Cheddar style.  This was ok.  But it’s probably not the best choice for fake cheese on a pizza.

A few days ago I used the Tofutti Cheddar in some croque-monsieurs with some Cheatin’ Pepperoni slices.  And yes, this is the reason why they make these things.  Sometimes, it’s nice to know you can still eat these things without the cruelty behind it.  And yes, I have a big excuse, the teenage girls likes this very much.



Sweet and sour, and some nuggets


The teenage girl didn’t like the marinated tofu from a few days ago as much.  There was a challenge waiting again for me.  After looking in a few of my newest cookbooks I decided to go for the Sweet and sour ‘neat’ bals from The everyday vegan.  I changed the recipe for the ‘bals’ a little bit.  Left out all of the vegetables, and instead of whole-wheat flour added some chickpea-flour. 

They were really easy to make, and I can imagine there still open for more creativity with flavours.

But how wrong could I be.  No, said the teenage girl, I don’t like them to much.  Lucky enough, she liked the Sweet and sour sauce.  And she really disliked the Roasted turnip purée, from the same book.

The next day I still had some sauce left.  And some nuggets from Redwood Foods in the fridge.  And these she really adored, of course.  I served them with some roasted mushrooms and with the Couscous, rissoto style from VeganYumYum.  Couscous this way, was really a great discovering.  Thank you, is was YUMYUM.  The combination of these 4 dishes works really well.

No spring yet, so here is some more carrot soup


It looks like spring will be not be here for the next few days.  So, again, some more carrots on the menu.  This time: carrot soup

Based on a recipe from Vegan Vitality (Diane Hill) Her recipe is more complicated, but also more delicate delicious:

Fry an onion

Ad shopped carrots

Boil with vegetable stock.

Use a blender.

Ad some grind coriander, pepper and salt.

Ad peanut butter.


I served this with croque-monsieur.  In which I used Tofutti Mozarella.

Tofutti mozarellaTofutti

Summer dreams


I know it’s much, much to early.  But when I layed my eyes on this shoes today, I couldn’t resist of dreaming a little bit about the very warming days that are only a few months away.

DitaThe Eleanor Shoe

These beautiful shoes and a lot more of them are available from this site: