Some food we had last week


I still had to share a few dishes I prepared this week.

3-some dish by you.

Chickpea-cutlets, green beans with some leftover from the tofu-ricotta & cashew-pimiento-’cheese’-sauce, coucous with raisins topped with (again) cashew-pimiento-’cheese’-sauce

Kinda hot-sauce grilled tempeh by you.

‘Kinda’ hot-sauce grilled tempeh, baked potatoes and some sauted vegetables.

The reason why it’s called a ‘kinda’ is this: you should always read your recipes in advance.  So when a recipe suddenly calls for a half a cup of hot sauce, you’ll not being puzzled anymore by this very important and dish-treatening question: “what do they actually mean with a hot sauce?”  Can somebody help me out here?  For now I added some sweet&chilli hot sauce, but surely not half a cup.  And I used the marinate with the vegetables too. 

You find the recipe in ‘Veganomicon’.

Salad bar


This week something funny happened.  On tuesday-evening I left a message on the answering machine of a friend: “Please, can we borrow your ladder?”.  Now answer came till wednesday-afternoon I found this message on my answering-machine:  “Yes, we love to come over for diner this evening.  What time do you expect us?”


Suddenly, I had to cook for 7 people, including 3 teenagers and a kid.  And it was so hot that day.  Luckely I found my solution very fast and decided to go for some salads:

Clockwise from left below:

Sweet pepper & basil potato salad from Vegan Vittles

Dressing:  a mix of tofunaise, soy-cream, oil and apple-cider-vinegar

Plain lettuce and cumcumber

Spicy tempeh and broccoli rabe with rotelle from Veganomicon

Tabbouleh: couscous, tomatoes, chickpeas, broad beans, spring onions, lemon, mint

This way there was something for everyone.

My first award, YIEPEYE!


The ten-day party is finally over. I had such a great time. But for now I feel very tired. I still don’t have to go to work but it doesn’t mean I can be idle. Oh now, We’re going to do some rebuilding in hour house this weekend. And after that, I can finally leave our small town for a few days, because we’re going to visit a bigger town. Yes, we’re going to London. I’m so excited about it.

I did manage to make food some of the last days:

Lasagne marinara with spinach from Veganomicon

I  can truly recommend this.  One of the best lasagne I have ever eaten, and believe me I have eaten a lot.  Teenage girl wasn’t to found of it (Oh no, it has spinach!), but her friend who stayed for a day, well, she took twice.  I cheated a little bit on her, because I only told her it was completely vegan after she had finished eaten.  She had some problem before with faux-cheese after I had made a croque for her with cheddar-tofutti.  She really disliked it, so I didn’t want her to prejudiced. 
And now some very nice news.  Alice in Veganland gave me this award. 


Check out her blog, she has to work a lot of time and still manages to make all this great vegan food.  And she’s very nice, dedictated blogger too.

I promise I’ll pass the award through tomorrow.

A disappointement in very lucky days



It’s holiday.  And the teenager is having her birthday tomorrow.  So I spend my first hours of my vacation baking sweet stuff.  Expect some pictures later on this week.

For now I want to share my first little disappointement in the otherwise always fantastic, excellent VEGANOMICON:

the curry tofu.  The taste was to flat to be eaten like this.

Banana bread or is it a cake?


There is a famous sentence that goes more or less like this:

Don’t run if you even can’t walk.  It means start with the basics.

This is a very famous basic I never tried: a banana bread or is it a cake?

I used the ‘Lower fat banana bread’ from Veganomicon.

But I added some lemonjuice and grated lemon zest of half a lemon too.

Banana-cakeBanana-cake sliced

7/10 (I guess it’s to healthy for a sweet, and it has banana in it).

Spicy tempeh and broccoli


Expect me too be in a bad mood for the next two week, because of the teenager’s exams.  I’ll try to be a standby for her, well at least most of the time.  So almost no going out for me too, only working and supporting and helping her out. 

But you can also expect some pictures of a lot of sweet things appearing over here.  Last month her birthday present to me was ‘The sweet vegan’ and I made a big promise that I’ll support her in the exams with a lot of nice desserts from the book.  So now my time has come, and I’ll be living a boring but very sweet life for the next two weeks.

This is the ‘Spicy tempeh and broccoli’ from Veganomicon.  I think I could eat this every day.

I made it with plain broccoli and without the white wine.  Teenage judge can’t have any alcohol for medical reasons.

Another try for some chickpea-cutlets


I gave the chickpea-cutlets (from Veganomicon, but you knew that already :-) ) another try.  This time I added some more fluid, so the dough was more ‘moistered’.  And by doing this they became perfect.  Now I know what everyone is talking about.

I served them with the lemony roasted potatoes from (well you know, the very same famous one).

Seitan, potatoes and muffins


And some more food from VEGANOMICON:

And yes, I’ll made my first seitan.  The taste was perfect, but the texture could have been softer.  Maybe my kneading-skills aren’t well enough yet.  But, this is really a good recipe (= Simple seitan – Veganomicon) to start with.  It was way easier and not to much work than I ever expected.  I also scored some good points with teenage judge (are you sure you didn’t put a pig in this?).

On the picture you also see ‘Lemony roasted potatoes’.  And this is really delicious.  Next time I have some guests for dinner, I’ll serve them this.  I’m sure everyone will like this dish.

Another great recipe from VEGANOMICON: carrot-pineapple sunshine muffins.  They are full with flavours.  And have the perfect sweetness for me.  Teenage judge was at first a little bit disappointed that I was going to make these ones (there is a vegetable in it!) and not the usual chocolate flavoured.  But soon enough she became addicted to them. 

seitancarrot-pineapple-muffin2carrot-pineapple-muffinseitan, potatoes, cauliflower-couscous and lettuce

The day after: homemade simple seitan, leftover lemony roasted potatoes, cauliflower à la couscous, mushroom-almond-cream sauce and some lettuce.