The Cheesy Vegan


The excuse “I can’t go vegan because I couldn’t live without my cheese”, doesn’t count anymore. Not only are there more and more vegan cheeses on the market, the internet is getting overwhelmed with recipes for making your own vegan cheese. And yes, we even have several cookbooks about vegan cheese. The latest one is The Cheesy Vegan, and it is a good one. So far I tried 3 recipes:

Vegan Cheddar


Vegan Cheddar


Creamy Seasoned MacaroniCreamy-seasoned-macaroni

Cheesy Broccoli & Potato SoupCheesy-broccoli-potato-soup

Swedish Vegan Muffins


Last time I visited Ikea I bought their muffin pan. As this is a little bit different than a normal muffin pan, I thought it probably needed different kind of recipes.

So, I googled and found nothing.

But that’s not a  problem, because vegan cooking and baking is all about experimenting (that’s why I like it so much).

Instead, I used one of my all time favourite recipes for a berry muffin because it’s a very easy recipe:

Swedish Vegan Muffins

Name: Bakery Style Berry Muffins

From: Vegan brunch

Pizza Hawaï


What’s wrong with Pizza Hawaï? Nothing, except that it’s an old fashion name for a pizza that includes pineapple as a topping:

Pizza Hawaï

For the base I used a recipe for pizza dough from Bake and destroy.

Toppings: green pepper, pineapple, vegan chorizo (Wheaty) and vegan pizza cheese from Wilmersburger.

As you can see, this pizza has nothing to do with an authentic Pizza Hawaï :-)



Spiced Peanut & Yam Soup and Sweet Coconut Bread (VeganMoFo 2013)


Saturday is for using your new cookbooks

Last week I finally took some time to go through Vegan Secret Supper. I was afraid the book was going to contain only very time consuming recipes. But it didn’t. This soup doesn’t ask more time for preparing then the usual soup:

Spiced Peanut & Yam Soup2

Name: Spiced Peanut & Yam Soup and Sweet Coconut Bread

From: Vegan Secret Supper

Author: Merida Anderson

Comment: This if for sure one of the best soups I ever had.

The coconut bread didn’t work out like it supposed to be. The dough was to liquid, so I added some more flour. But it still didn’t bake all through. The flavour was ok, but a little bit to sweety for me.

Pastizzi (VeganMoFo 2013)


Vegan baking wednesday

These pastizzi are made with a cheesecake filling:


Name: Pastizzi

From: Mouthwatering Vegan

Author: Miriam Sorrell

Adjustments: I made 6 big ones instead of smalle ones.

Comment: the taste was great, but probably because I made big ones they fell a little bit apart.


Baked Macaroni and Cheese


Monday Mac & Cheese

This is Mac and Cheese made in the good old vegan fashion way by using tahin, miso and nutritional yeast flakes:

Baked Macaroni and Cheese


Name: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

From: The Everything Vegan Cookbook

Author: Jolinda HackettLorena Novak Bull

Adjustments: added some vegan ham

Comment: a little bit dry and not very cheezy

Points: 6/10



Simplified Baked Macaroni Madness (VeganMoFo 2013)


Monday Mac &Cheese

For my second Monday Mac & Cheese theme contribution, I prepared again a non-typical Mac & cheese recipe. Although I had to simplify it, because it contains parsnips. Which are hard to find at the end of summer.


Simplified Baked Macaroni Madness


Name: Baked Macaroni Madness

From: Mouthwatering vegan

Author: Miriam Sorrell

Adjustments: didn’t prepare the parsnip layer

Comment: wonderful recipe. Ideal for serving to guests. The cheese sauce is easy prepared and I would like to try it in a lasagna.

For the faux meat I used Baked Minced Meat from De vegetarische slager.

Quinoa Paella (VeganMoFo 2013)


Saturday is for using your new cookbooks

I admit I only prepared this dish because I wanted to make paella and discovered I didn’t had any rice in the house. Luckily I remembered that a few days before I had been reading, in one of my latest addition to my ever expanding collection of cookbooks, about a paella using quinoa:

Quinoa Paella

Name: Quinoa Paella

From: The Kitchen Divided: Vegan Dishes for Semi-Vegan Households

Author: Ellen Jaffe Jones

Adjustments: I only used vegan chicken and no vegan turkey and vegan prawns. This way it stays low budget. But if you really want to impress and you can find vegan turkey, prawns or shrimps I should definitely use it.