Choc-chip-sinas-cake and more


Again, it’s been awhile I have been blogging.  But I didn’t stop cooking and baking.  These are a few things I prepared:

Based on a recipe for Choc-chip-lemon-cake from Tea and Sympatico.   Changed the lemon for some orange. 

Found a good recipe in a dutch bread baking book. The bread contains walnuts.

From 500 vegan recipes

From a dutch vegetarian cookbook: Verrassend veggie

From ‘Quick and easy Vegan comfort food

And if you would like to know were I have been hanging out lately. Well at my job lots of time, here:

It’s kinda of a library, and I’m the only one who is working in it. But when I want some time off, there are some people who replaces me.

Brussels sprouts in caramelsauce


I found another recipe for brussels sprouts and this one is probably the most weird one ever.  It combines the brussels sprouts with a typical sweet dessert flavour: a caramel sauce.

I was not totally crazy about it but I didn’t disliked it too.

I found the recipe in the dutch vegan cookbook Ecofabulous.  A book  I really can recommend.

The celery risotto is from a new vegan cookbook, but this time it’s a flemish one: Puur & vegetarisch.


VeganMofo 6: Vegetable mirin stew, japanese rice and faux fishfilet


As well as the mirin stew as the japanese rice, are from the Belgian vegetarian cookbook: Vegetarisch genieten.
They were served with faux fish-filets. My only problem with these faux foods is, that I do not always know what to do with them. It’s a totally other kind of cooking that I’m really not used to. And I don’t know yet if I really want to google recipes for fishfilets, or tuna, … or go to the library and borrow non-veg cookbooks. Maybe I will, I just don’t know yet!

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Praliné mousse with a white collar


This recipe is based on the ‘praliné mousse’ recipe that I found in this book: agar agar.  But I did something wrong, I  poured the cream on the praliné  rather than the reverse.  But by doing this, I got a nice white collar on top of the mousse.

1,2 dl of soy cream from  Provamel
50 g of praliné from abinda*
300 ml soy milk
4 tbsp light cane sugar
2 g agar agar

* Praliné is a sweet spread that contains: wheat syrup,  haselnuts, sunfloweroil, vanille and salt.

Put 1 hours in advance the soy-cream, one bowl and the beaters of a hand mixer in the refrigerator.
Take from the fridge after1 hours, put the cream in the bowl and beat it for about 3 minutes with the hand mixer. Put back in the fridge.
Put the praliné in a large bowl.

Mix the soy milk in a saucepan with the sugar and agar-agar.  Bring the mixture to a boil and  simmer for 30 seconds.
Pour in on top of  the praliné and stir it gradually.
Then pour the cream on top and stir this also through, very carefully. In principle, you will keep a nice layer of whipped cream on top.
Let cool and put the mousse approximately 1 hour in the  refrigerator.

Potato gratin and give away on ‘All about… (vegan) food!’


The idea for this dish was found in Vegetarisch Genieten:

Normally the recipe asks for mascarpone but I replaced it with  Tofutti’s Better than cream cheese.

I also would like to take the opportunity to pay some attention to the wonderfull blog of Glauce All about… (vegan) food!

She got my attention some time ago with her amazing cupcakes.  At this time she’s doing a give away on her blog.

I’m not going to tell you exactely what she’s giving away.  But I can tell you  it’s something you definitely want to have when you get very excited by making you’re own sweet vegan food, especially because it is something from another marvelous bittersweet vegan blogger.

So, check it out!!!


Gentse waterzooi


This is a traditional dish in my hometown: Gent.

I found a vegetarian version of ‘Gentse waterzooi’ in this cookbook: Donderdag Veggiedag kookboek.  In the recipe quorn is used, which I replaced by chickpeas.  Normally it should have cauliflower in it too, but I didn’t had any in the house at that moment.  It turned to me this was a little bit of a loss for this dish.


White beans puff pastry triangles, leek rice and onion-porto sauce


For these I used some recipes from the dutch cookbook Vegetarisch genieten‘.

The onion-porto sauce: see red wine sauce fromVegetarisch genieten‘, p. 50

(The shallots were replaced by 1 / 2 onion and red wine by porto)

Leek  rice = rice with leeks snippets

( Vegetarisch genieten‘, same page) but without onions and without the wine.

White bean pastry triangles:
Thaw 6 sheets puff pastry.
Use 1 pot of white beans, mash the beans and add ingredients as from the falafel variant (Vegetarisch genieten‘, p. 177).
Put 1/6 of the filling on 1 sheet of puff pastry. Fold the sheet into a triangle and bake in the oven according to the instructions on the package.

I’m sorry I can’t publish more of the recipes instructions overhere.  They are copyright protected.  But if someone asks me friendly by mail, I wouldn’t mind writing down the recipe and send it over.


Carrot pancake with beetroot hummus & celeriac rémoulade


Everyone who claims that vegans are having a boring diet, surely never had his/her eyes on this plate.

The beetroot hummus is from a dutch cookbook ‘Ecofabulous koken in alle seizoenen‘.  You find a review on my dutch blog.

The carrot pancake is from the British vegetarian magazine: Cook Vegetarian!, feb 2010, p. 23.

As well as the celeriac rémoulade: Cook Vegetarian!, feb 2010, p. 41.

I completed this plate with something green, like green beans.


Sweet and sour chicory on a vegetable burger


I’m having troubles with my chicory.   This time of the year I’m  finding every week a bag full of chicory in my vegetable subscription.  But we aren’t very found of the bitterness.
I found a small solution.  Sometimes I serve it as a sweet & sour garniture on top of a vegetable burger.  To make it even better, I’m serving it with fresh oven baked french fries.

Van show my plate

I found this idea in  ‘Vegetarisch koken in 30 minuten‘.