Vegan Food at the Gentse Feesten


This year vegans are being spoiled during the Gentse Feesten. There are 2 vegan pop up restaurants, 1 pop up veggie frituur and 2 vegan food trucks:

- Foodstorms: chef quality vegan cuisine

- Living food: raw kitchen

- De Natuurfrituur: as it says french fries and veggie snacks

- VivaVeva –  Loving Hut Express: food truck

- Just look your mom: food truck with burgers and desserts


The first place we visited was ‘De Natuurfrituur’:

French fries with boskroket and bitterballen.



Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes


Okra’s can be very hard to find over here. So, when I found some in the Asian supermarket I just had to buy them. They gave me a good opportunity to try out Bryant Terry latest cookbook: Afro-Vegan.

Creamy coconut soup

Name: Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes

From: Afro-Vegan

Author: Bryant Terry

Fusion Rice Bowl


Lately I joined a Vegan Potluck group. It’s always fun but it’s always also a big challenge. By coincidence we have a few people with allergies in the group. So when I prepare something for the potluck I can’t use nuts, gluten, refined sugars or beans.

Last time I prepared this Fusion Rice Bowl, and it was a big hit:

Fusion Rice Bowl

Name: Fusion Rice Bowl

From: Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen

Author: Joni Marie Newman